Adam Skoglund

I don't think it is unreasonable to find being asked to provide links to a competitor's work as, clearly, the punter prefers them irritating. Being asked three times to seems like being a douchebag, especially when a simple Google Image search found the thing in less than thirteen seconds. The punchline, such as it is is found after the link.

Ive seen an RV-type spaceship several times on the net. It might have been your site, perhaps in the 'graveyard' section that seems to have been removed. Think the main characters spaceship in 'Spaceballs' if you remember/have seen that movie.. ;-)
I want to have that ship as the only alternative for my players in a tight spot.. >:-D
Do you know what Im talking about? Was it on your site, or do you know where to find it?

No, and yes.

As far as I can figure out you dont know what Im talking about, but you know where to find it...(?)
If so, where can I get hold if it?

Thanks for the help!
/ Adam

I know precisely what you're talking about. I do know precisely where to find it.
From the site where it is hosted.

Great! And where might that be?

You may be able to find it here.

Yeah, you really proved who is the fucktard there. 
I feel sorry for you, but perhaps one day youll grow up too.

You ask me three times, despite my suggestions that perhaps I don't want to, to do a BASIC FUCKING WEB SEARCH for you for the work of one of my DIRECT COMPETITORS, and you think I need to grow up?
How about you need to LEARN SOME FUCKING MANNERS!