Doug Burke

I am working on the assumption this was a joke. On the off-chance it isn't, it is a very great pleasure to introduce you to the latest Space Monkey.

hello admiral
I have adeckplan for you. its from my game I run.  Yes I am loke yo0u a gm.  I seen that you dont want to make a stardestroyer deckplan becuse you say it wil take too long.  I did one for u! 
Its emprer darth mauls star destroyer and is 200 meters longer than a regluar canon star destorer.  I know maul died in the frist movie but in my game he didnt.  He fell and fell and fell after obiwans cheep shot and as he fell he grew into two darth mauls like a worm.  One was red and one bluel.  They landed on there feet and fought with the half of the lighsabres.  Of couse the red one won the fight and then was sucked into a dimensinal vortex and ended up on enterprise d where he killed everyone but not before he raped deanna troi.  (Wouldnt you?)
Then he took enterpise back trhogh vortex and took over a star destroyer.  He took technology from enterprise and adopted it to the star desteroyer.  With phasers and tranportatin tech he was more powerful then anwone else.  Now he is the emperer of the galaxy and has sith padawins everyweere.
please put this on your website and let people know that it is my original work.  do it as a favor from one gm to another.
Emproer Maul!  Who rocks! 


What can I say?


Oh, yes, and before I get sued by Squid-felcher and McInbred, Attorneys at Fuckwad, I must, alas, point out that this pile of thieved yak vomit is claimed by Doug Burke, bowel-scraping extraordinaire. In no way can I claim responsibility for this shit-pile, even though it is only a completely farcical cut and paste job of works that I actually do hold the copyright for.

This is what happens when buck-toothed slime mates with it's own fecal waste.


Those eighty foot long bunks must be very fucking comfortable.

My word, but I have to hand it to you - you get the award for most sensationally amazing fuck-tard.

Do the world a favour, kid, drink a bottle of bleach.


Those arent bunks they are sith traning arenas. Dididnt you look at the shecmatic?  WHy are you being so rude?  i thoufht youd like having a star destroyer deck plan so you could sent it to the pepple who ask for one.  insted of drawing deck after deck I drew 1 and said that it reperesents decks 1-2000 . plauers won't know the difference if you dont show them the map.i know the bride is raised above the main hull so I put it and decks 1-100 in a different spot. Maybe your jealus cause I thought of doing taht instead of using square miles of paper like you said you would



> Those arent bunks they are sith traning arenas. Dididnt you look at the shecmatic?
Yes, I did. Evidently you did not, else you would have spotted that the text is illegible. Not that it matters, you asinine cunt.

> WHy are you being so rude?
Because I hate dealing with illiterate pig-ignorant scum.

>  i thoufht youd like having a star destroyer deck plan so you could sent it to the pepple who ask for one.
Oh, I'd love one. Your abortion isn't one though, it's a pile of foetid donkey vomit.

>  insted of drawing deck after deck I drew 1 and said that it reperesents decks 1-2000 .
Yes, clearly demonstrating once again that you're an idiot. Did it not occur to you that perhaps there's a slight chance that every deck is different?
Two thousand decks? Wow. You clearly suffer from a bizarre condition associated with an inability to deal with numbers, Burke's Dipshit Syndrome. I'd hate to have to point out the obvious, but by your facile inane estimations each deck of your bowel-expulsion would measure eleven centimeters in height. I may be wrong, but I'd think perhaps that might be a little on the tight side.

> plauers won't know the difference if you dont show them the map.
I assume you intended to use the word 'players' but have trouble using the correct letters due to your feeble sewer-water ridden brain. You're suggesting that you not show the deckplan to players. Well, that's a fucking fantastic idea. That helps a whole fucking bunch. Why, now I know, I don't have to do any fucking designs, I can just use your pile of maggot-filth instead, who the fuck's going to know?

> i know the bride is raised above the main hull so I put it and decks 1-100 in a different spot.
Yes, she always is. I like to keep her in a whole other system if I can, it just gets too complicated otherwise.

> Maybe your jealus cause I thought of doing taht instead of using square miles of paper like you said you would
Gosh, yes, you so have me there. So many years of doing this work and you've just up and trumped the entire project - one vacuous piece of inane diarrhea has made everything I've done completely pointless.

You sad waste of DNA. Really, drinking bleach isn't enough, follow it up with some petroleum and a lit match.


Okauy I fixed it.. Now are you happy!  I spent a long time with it this time


Happy? Why would I be happy?

What about being bothered by an illiterate innumerate retarded little twerp like you ought make me happy?