Donald Cook

I get one of these every now and again. I call 'em OFFS. Oh For Fuck's Sake. Full rip after the raw copy.


> i was wondering if you had anythin like the size of a imp star II or mc-80, it would be cool as hell to run player thru a ship having them try to find they way out and keep form running into stormtroppers trying to find there ship in deep storage and stuff, if you dont its all cool,  i do love that you made this site, and i hve drawn some ships to for some of the games i have plaed in, but there not all starwars ships, i took many ideas form startrek starwars firelfy hell anywhere that had a floor plan and changed and mand new on them.
>  also i agree on the dorids doing most of the work on engeins but i do have to say something myself yes droids do do most of the work but its also a good place to have a player fixing a ships engeins and stuff while in battle plus it gives you a loctaion on where to hid things just my thoughts and if i use your ships i will add them myself IF i really what them my 2 bits take it or leave it up to you
thanks again

Learn English.
Read the Requests Guidelines.

It probably goes without saying that the above is barely readable. There's no excuse for this level of illiteracy, spell checkers are not difficult to use and have been very accurate for years.
Asking for a Star Destroyer, as is noted on the Requests section, but really is self-evident to anyone with a pair of neurons firing, is fucking stupid. Actually, fucking cuntloads of stupid.