For over two years the HoloNet and myself in particular have been blighted by the belligerent idiocy of several individuals, but this page is here to represent just one, the staggeringly offensive little shitbag known online as TRAMP.


Tramp has rarely been less than rude, critical and unpleasant in virtually all his posts on a wide range of subjects over at least two forums.


He has finally provoked me enough to suspend my tacit acknowledgment of what mild credence he possessed and to publicly bring the following facts to light;


Tramp is an idiot, - He is unable to grasp fairly simple propositions such as the difference between an opinion and fact.


Tramp has no appreciation for engineering principles. - He believes real world aircraft are structurally capable of surviving FTL travel and that hatches that open between floors is perfectly reasonable.


Tramp has little or no grasp of basic social norms. - He feels he ought to be able to peddle his dogmatic turds of opinions regardless of the warnings of moderators.


Tramp is less than perfectly aquatinted with truth. - He feels his opinions when lacking in substance of their own can reasonably be backed up by claiming support from people whom wouldn't give him the time of day.


This page should serve as a warning to any newbies out there, and possibly as a corralling point for the many many people who have also expressed deep dislike for the mentally deficient foetid pond scum.