Technology 107 - The Repulsorlift and Related Systems

Repulsors proliferate throughout starships, and not just those ships which can easily land on planets. Almost every basic elemental system uses these profoundly handy low-energy field manipulators to some degree.

A repulsorfield exploits a handy shortcut on the fundamental jack whereby feeding weak energy through a hyper-converter affects strong time which causes palpitations in the weak matter profile of the object. In effect acting as a powerful source of gravity.

The basic repulsors on a starship are the dedicated lifters. These are a set of simple function heavy load repulsors generally fitted flush to the ventral hull. When drawing power from the SIR they serve to lift the ship off the ground and move it upwards, sometimes even to the point of leaving the atmosphere of the planet. These repulsors are little use for anything else.

CRMS, and ADS are discussed in detail elsewhere, leaving the subsidiary systems. The acceleration compensation system uses a saturating repulsorlift field to generate a counter-acting gravity field on board the ship that offsets g-forces encountered during acceleration. On most ships these are powered by an inertia driven capacitor, so that no matter how much or how hard you accelerate there's always enough juice in the ACS to keep you safe, even after total power failure.

The simplicity and energy efficieny of the repulsor means it is used in many surprising places. Not too many people would assume that these are the motive force behind the internal hatches, for example.